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The Top 10 Germ Spots in Your House

When we get sick, we often blame it on our coworkers or that stranger on our commute who coughed and didn't cover his mouth. But the culprit may actually be found at home -- specifically in the toothbrush holder, on the kitchen countertop, or in that reusable bag you've been toting around. Find out the germiest spots in your home below so you can start feeling better today.
Toothbrush holder Toothbrush Holder

Researchers were surprised to find so many germs in families' toothbrush holders, says Robert Donofrio, the lead researcher or the NSF germ study. "Most people don't realize that toothbrush holders are a reservoir that will catch any of the water drained or residual on the toothbrush. Plus they're often positioned close to the toilet, so it's really ideal for bacteria." Um...gross?

Clean up: If the toothbrush holder is machine washable, include it in a dishwasher load on a weekly basis. Otherwise scrub it with soap and hot water once a week. And in case you weren't skeeved out enough about the statement above, move it to an area out of reach from the toilet.