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Grin and Bare It: The Best Hair-Removal Products and Tools

Your mission: to remove unwanted hair with as little pain and as much skin pampering as possible. The good news is that it's less torturous than ever -- not to mention faster and less messy -- thanks to the latest tools and high-tech innovations. Here, top derms and hair-removal experts reveal the best methods for defuzzing each body part so your skin feels silky for weeks.
Completely Bare Salon Quality Face & Other Sensitive Areas Wax Kit Get an Oh-So-Bare Bikini Line

Though many women are quick to reach for a razor when it comes to removing hair down there, experts recommend waxing to prevent ingrown hairs. Their pick for this most sensitive of areas: a hard wax applied without strips. "It has a lower melting point than other types so it hardens quickly and poses less risk of burning," explains Ramon Padilla, the director of Strip: Ministry of Waxing in New York City. "It also functions like shrink wrap around coarse hairs, making it easier to remove them quickly." We like Completely Bare Salon Quality Face & Other Sensitive Areas Wax Kit ($13, cvs.com). After heating the wax to a molasses-like texture, spread a thick layer over your bikini line in the direction of hair growth, working in four-square-inch sections on each side and moving from the hip inward. (To get a better view, sit on the floor in front of a mirror with the soles of your feet pressed together.) Leave a thick edge and wait 10 to 15 seconds, Pittman says. "Once the wax hardens, hold the skin taut with one hand and pull the wax in the opposite direction of hair growth in a quick, fluid motion," she advises. Finish by pressing gently on skin to soothe the area. Still feeling the ouch? Try the BareEase Prep Kit ($18, bareease.com). Created by an anesthesiologist, it contains a lidocaine-based cream to numb skin prewax.