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Grin and Bare It: The Best Hair-Removal Products and Tools

Your mission: to remove unwanted hair with as little pain and as much skin pampering as possible. The good news is that it's less torturous than ever -- not to mention faster and less messy -- thanks to the latest tools and high-tech innovations. Here, top derms and hair-removal experts reveal the best methods for defuzzing each body part so your skin feels silky for weeks.
Sally Hansen Ouch-Relief Wax Kit for Face and Body Show Off Silky Legs

Before you lather up your legs, consider this: Waxing will not only cut time from your shower routine, but it will also let you enjoy hair-free results for as long as three weeks. Pittman suggests using hot wax, which has a thin consistency and spreads easily over a large area. Try Sally Hansen Ouch-Relief Wax Kit for Face and Body ($10, drugstores). Dip your spatula in the heated wax pot, wipe off any excess, and work in zones -- thighs, knees, shins, and ankles -- to make sure you don't miss any spots. Spread on in patches that are roughly four by six inches, applying in the direction of hair growth, Pittman says. To remove, press a cotton or muslin strip over the wax for a few seconds, hold the skin down firmly with one hand and whisk the strip in the opposite direction of hair growth. Use two pulls instead of one: Pull the strip halfway off, then regrip it at the base and continue the rest of the way. "This helps prevent stubble and bruising," Pittman says.