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Tough as Nails

Get strong, healthy nails that you can't wait to show off -- without sacrificing tons of time or shelling out megabucks at the salon. We asked celebrity manicurists for their handy tips for solving your biggest issues, so you'll look and feel amazing right down to your fingertips.
Strong nails Nail Tips

Nail 911: Ridges

"As we age, some of us develop nail ridges, just as we get eye wrinkles," Weingarten says. Choose a ridge filler, such as Deborah Lippmann Ridge Filler Base Coat ($18, deborahlippmann.com) to even the nail surface and make polish last longer. Avoid buffing nails, which thins them out. "And keep nails hydrated by drinking a lot of water, because dryness can cause ridges," Weiss-Fischmann says.

Nail 911: Yellowing

"Nails are porous, so they absorb polish pigments, especially opaque ones, and can become stained," Weiss-Fischmann explains. "Soak fingers in denture cleanser tablets dissolved in water to whiten them quickly," she suggests. Prevent yellowing with a base coat, like Zoya Anchor Base Coat ($9, zoya.com).

Whip Your Tips into Shape

"To workout-proof your nails, follow the shape of your cuticles and round the edges with a file so there are no sharp corners," Essie Weingarten says. "Your nails should be no longer than your fingertips." Bonus: "Matching your nail shape to your cuticle shape has a slimming effect on your hands," Jan Arnold notes.