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The 10 Hottest Workout DVDs of 2013

Hit "Play" on any one of these killer routines -- selected after our 100-plus testers sweated through the latest releases. They bring an all-new meaning to the term homebody.
Amy Bento Ross workout dvd Take It Up a Notch with Kettlebells

Amy Bento Ross: Kettlebell Power ($20, amazon.com)


What you'll need: A pair of 20- to 31-pound (9- to 14-kilogram) kettlebells, a yoga mat

Calories burned: 484 per 66-minute workout, 145 per 17-minute circuit

The skinny: Grab a kettlebell for this "intense" sculpting routine that left testers "sweating and tired" but never bored. Instructor Ross takes a "realistic approach to kettlebells," moving through three 17-minute workouts full of power moves like lateral swings and jump squats, with one-minute cardio bursts interspersed. But don't let the short duration fool you: One reviewer claimed that the workout was "one of the hardest I've ever experienced in my living room," while another said it's "great for advanced fitness enthusiasts who need an at-home option."