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Alison Sweeney's Flat-Abs Workout

The key to Alison Sweeney's crazy-toned midsection? This sneaky crunch-free circuit. "In each workout, we string together movements -- push and pull, up and down, left and right -- that always work her center," says Sweeney's trainer, Steve Lee. Try a couple of rounds of his five-pack below to help carve your six-pack as you sculpt all over. Alison uses 12-pound dumbbells, but newbies can start with five-pounders.
Jump lunge and curl exercise Jump Lunge and Curl

You can either do this circuit straight through or pair some of the exercises to create killer combo moves like these from Lee:

Squat Military Press + Sprawl to Overhead Lock

Sumo High Row + Push-Up to Plank Row

Jump Lunge and Curl + Sprawl to Overhead Lock

Jump Lunge and Curl

Targets shoulders, biceps, abs, butt, and legs