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The 10 Best Resolutions to Make This Year

Scrounging for a resolution that will stick? Take a tip from our list of healthy (and totally doable) changes to make this year.
woman at work desk Stop Sitting So Much

In case you haven't heard, sitting is bad for you. Really bad. It can contribute to weight gain, diabetes, cancer, and early death, says Madelyn Fernstrom, PhD, professor of psychiatry, epidemiology, and surgery at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Adults who sit 11 or more hours per day have a 40 percent increased risk of dying in the next three years compared with those who sat for fewer than four hours a day, according to a study of more than 200,000 people published in Archives of Internal Medicine. And regular sweat sessions don't even seem to help that much. Women who regularly exercise sit just as much as couch potatoes, according to Northwestern Medicine researchers.

The Plan: Since we don't recommend storming out of your office in protest, it's time you become an "active sitter." Try swapping your swivel chair for an exercise ball. It will force you to sit up straight to maintain balance, the whole time strengthening your core. When you take calls, stand up and walk around if you can, and make indoor meetings walking ones (if your colleagues are up for it). And when you get home from work, don't just sit on the couch!