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5 Great Gadgets to Improve Your Sleep

You've heard it plenty of times: There are a lot of devices out there that can hinder your sleep health. (We're looking at you, laptops and TV screens.) But what about the good-for-you gadgets geared toward improving your sleep? We sifted through a pile of thingy-ma-bobbers that promise to send you to dreamland, tested them out, and picked our top five favorites. Prepare to rest easy -- finally.
Zeo Sleep Manager Pro Zeo Sleep Manager Pro

What it is and how it works: If the thought of spending the night in a sleep lab freaks you out, this could be an excellent alternative to taking the first step in analyzing the quality of your sleep. What you do is wear a little headband across your forehead (it has a wireless connection) and the device more or less syncs with an app on your iPhone to record how much REM sleep and deep sleep you get, as well as how many times you wake up during the night. Then, you can get additional advice on the Zeo website, like what to eat, relaxation tips, and more.

Expert opinion: "Medically speaking, this product can provide good feedback information that can be used in concert with a sleep physician," says Dr. Surkin.

FITNESS snooze test: If after consistently using the gadget for a week or two in a row -- and seeing that you get low "ZQ" scores or that your sleep stages are wonky -- you really must talk to a doctor about a professional, at-home diagnostic device. No amount of relaxation techniques and self-monitoring can solve common sleep disorders like sleep apnea.