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5 Great Gadgets to Improve Your Sleep

You've heard it plenty of times: There are a lot of devices out there that can hinder your sleep health. (We're looking at you, laptops and TV screens.) But what about the good-for-you gadgets geared toward improving your sleep? We sifted through a pile of thingy-ma-bobbers that promise to send you to dreamland, tested them out, and picked our top five favorites. Prepare to rest easy -- finally.
NightWave Sleep Assistant NightWave Sleep Assistant

What it is and how it works: This lightweight, tiny gadget -- it's about the size of a jewelry gift box -- projects a pulsing, soft blue light on your ceiling or wall. Then you begin what is best described as a pre-sleep exercise: Breathe in as the blue light gets bright, breathe out as it goes dark. After seven minutes, the soothing light rhythms automatically stop...and your ZZZs start.

Expert opinion: "The breathing routine that cycles with the projecting light will potentially reduce thought stressors -- and the circulating catecholamines, which are the fight and flight chemicals that cause us to feel tense," says Lee A. Surkin, MD, a board-certified sleep specialist and cardiologist in Greenville, NC. "In turn, this could possibly reduce the time it takes you to enter sleep."

FITNESS snooze test: Not only does the NightWave help you fall asleep, but you're essentially teaching yourself how breathe for relaxation and shut down your racing thoughts. So if you can't use the device one night, you should still be able to mimic the routine.