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9 Reasons You Need to Unplug

These days, logging an overwhelming number of hours on our computers, laptops, smartphones, and iPads seems to be the norm. But it turns out you could be losing more than just precious time while plugged into the technology matrix. Here, the physical, mental, and emotional tolls of overusing the Internet -- and why occasionally disconnecting from the digital world may not be such a bad idea.
woman at work desk You'll Have More Time for You

A recent TIME mobility poll surveyed 5,000 people and found that 84 percent of participants couldn't go a single day without their mobile device, with 25 percent admitting that they checked their phones every 30 minutes. That's dozens of times a day! And the need to stay connected isn't just tied to your smartphone. A study presented at the British Psychological Society's annual Occupational Conference found that 70 percent of employees studied did not meet the recommended guidelines for physical activity, spending approximately 5 hours and 41 minutes per day at their desk, something that may please your manager but can pose a threat to your health.

"The human body in uniquely designed for movement, not inactivity," says Geralyn Coopersmith, MA, CSCS, member of the Equinox Fitness Training Institute. "Prolonged sitting is the cause of a lot of posture problems and can even contribute to diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease." Take a break from your screen at least every hour to walk around the office or even outside (gasp!) for some fresh air.