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Ride On: Everything You Need to Know About Bicycling and Spinning

Cycling is about the most fun you can have burning more than 500 calories an hour. Plus it's so simple anyone can do it. What's stopping you? Get back in the spin with our pedal-pushing pointers.
Cycling shoes How to Use Cycling Shoes

If you've tried cycling shoes in Spinning class, then you know they make your strokes easier. To take them to the streets, you'll first have to swap your road bike's flat pedals for clipless ones at your local bike shop, which will match them to the cleats on the bottom of your cycling shoes. (To clip in, press your cleat down on the pedal until you hear a click; to clip out, simply kick your heel away from the bike.) "Make sure your cleats fit fairly loosely so it's easy to clip in and unclip," says Olympian and pro cyclist Evelyn Stevens of Team Specialized-Lululemon. Practice in an empty parking lot, clipping in one foot at a time. Once you feel confident, clip in both and go!