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Get Sweetener Savvy: The Need-to-Know Facts

If you're making the switch from table sugar to a low-cal artificial sweetener, the bevy of options can be overwhelming and totally misleading. We got the scoop on what's really in those little packets, as well as some common misconceptions. (Hint: They don't all help you lose weight!)
sweeteners The Not-So-Sweet Side of Sweeteners

It seems like a miraculous wish come true in a tiny, colorful packet. You can still enjoy your coffee nice and sweet without any calories. But over the years, valid arguments have formed stating artificial sweeteners can actually aid in weight gain. "Artificial sweeteners stimulate our body to produce the weight gain hormone insulin, which causes the body to store calories as fat," says Morrison. And even though in a statement released by the AHA in July 2012 claimed that non-nutritive sweeteners did have the potential to help people reach and maintain their goal weights, they also stated that the evidence was limited and therefore inconclusive.

But when it comes to the sweet stuff, which are the worst offenders? Read on for your guide to the best and worst sweeteners.