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Smooth Sexy Hair: Frizz-Controlling Tricks

Heat, humidity, and sweaty workouts can turn your hair into a puffball. In fact, 43 percent of FITNESS readers say frizz is their biggest styling challenge. Keep strands sleek with these pro tricks.
Dove Hair Nourishing Oil Care Detangler When you're at the beach

Relax! People will be gawking at your volleyball skills, not flyaways. "Embrace your natural texture," says Charles Baker Strahan, an Herbal Essences celebrity hairstylist. Just bring along a bottle of leave-in conditioner -- we like Dove Hair Nourishing Oil Care Detangler ($5, drugstores) -- and mist it on, Hawkins says. In a pinch, use spray sunscreen instead; the oil adds a little weight to help the hair cuticle lie flat. And no need to abandon your boogie board for the sake of a pretty 'do. "Salt water makes hair stick together and weighs it down, which helps control frizz and gives you that sexy beachy texture," Fugate says.