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Smooth Sexy Hair: Frizz-Controlling Tricks

Heat, humidity, and sweaty workouts can turn your hair into a puffball. In fact, 43 percent of FITNESS readers say frizz is their biggest styling challenge. Keep strands sleek with these pro tricks.
Paul Mitchell Express Ion Curl TurnStyle When it's steamy outside

Humid days don't have to mean unruly hair. To preempt fuzzies, forget shampooing -- scalp oils make a great natural moisture barrier -- and whip out your flatiron or curling iron. A good one: Paul Mitchell Express Ion Curl TurnStyle ($138, salons). "The combo of heat and pressure seals the hair shaft so tightly that it takes a great deal of moisture to penetrate it," Hawkins says. (Don't iron more than a couple of times a week, though; it'll parch your hair and exacerbate frizz long-term.)