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Backyard Boot Camp

Turn your home into a playing field with our calorie-blasting backyard boot camp routine.
Summer Games Workout How This Workout Works

Take your workout from meh to gold medal. We asked Angela Parker, a trainer for Puma, to create a slim-and-sculpt circuit that would appeal to your competitive side and also peel off the flab, all while using simple summertime props that everyone has lying on the lawn. (City girls, we'll show you how to sub for that soccer ball, garden hose, and deck chair.) "You'll be too busy having fun racing the clock to notice you're burning tons of calories and toning every inch," says Parker, whose outdoor Body Inspired Fitness sessions in Los Angeles are highly sought after. Do the exercises on the following pages, cranking out as many reps per move as you can in one minute (aim for at least 20 reps each). Take a quick breather after each set -- 20 seconds tops -- then go on to the next exercise. Complete two to three full circuits, making a game of it by trying to squeeze in more reps than on each of the previous go-rounds. Tag -- you're fit!