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Healthy Eating Secrets and Motivation Tips from Olympic Athletes

It's time to get your game face on. As the 2012 Summer Games gear up, we scored the secrets to success from the Olympic athletes making the trip to London. From their diets and travel tips to how they mentally prepare, here's how they make it happen.
Sarah Groff Shop Whole Foods

And we're not talking about the trendy grocery store. "I'm a huge advocate of whole foods," says Sarah Groff, Olympic triathlete. "I don't eat processed foods, including bars or supplements. I believe in whole grains, fruits, and vegetables." To keep energized while traveling, Groff drinks water constantly and skips napping once she's arrived. "I get out and get some exercise, no matter how awful it feels. I also wear compression socks on the plane, because that whole cankles thing does not feel good."

Motivation Mantra
"At the end of the day, I have to remember that even though I'm not in an office, this is my job. And like any job, I have to trick myself to make it more pleasurable sometimes, because it's easy to forget how lucky I am are to be able to do this. If I'm feeling too routine I'll run somewhere else, make a new playlist, and buy a new outfit to make me want to train."