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Healthy Eating Secrets and Motivation Tips from Olympic Athletes

It's time to get your game face on. As the 2012 Summer Games gear up, we scored the secrets to success from the Olympic athletes making the trip to London. From their diets and travel tips to how they mentally prepare, here's how they make it happen.
Lolo Jones Have a Sneaky Shortcut

World-champion hurdler Lolo Jones knows getting in veggies is important for her performance, but there's only so much spinach a girl can eat. "I make a protein shake every day and put spinach in that -- it's easy to get in the amount you need that way," she says. And though racers are known to declare their undying love for carbs, Jones doesn't indulge in them often. "I load up on chicken, fish, steak, and veggies. No bread and no carbs, especially at night." Though as a professed chocolate lover, Jones admits to treating herself occasionally. "I made the switch to dark chocolate...before I couldn't stand it but now I'll have some 90 percent dark chocolate with almonds. It fills me up so I'm not just eating chocolate like crazy!"

Motivation Mantra
"Never discount the fact that resting is just as important as work. Sometimes when I'm not motivated I use that time to shut it down and take a rest day or two. When I do that, it ignites a flame and makes me realize how much I enjoy running. And any time I need a dose of inspiration, I watch Soul Surfer (the story of surfer Bethany Hamilton who lost her arm to a shark attack)."