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Healthy Eating Secrets and Motivation Tips from Olympic Athletes

It's time to get your game face on. As the 2012 Summer Games gear up, we scored the secrets to success from the Olympic athletes making the trip to London. From their diets and travel tips to how they mentally prepare, here's how they make it happen.
Shalane Flanagan Nap and Nosh

That's how Olympic bronze medalist, 10,000-meter runner and marathoner Shalane Flanagan preps for a race. "When I'm heavy into training, I try to get eight to ten hours of sleep a night, which is quite a bit for most people. I also take a nap on top of that, which can vary from 30 minutes to two hours. With that nap I don't need any caffeine later in the day -- just getting off my feet for an hour does the trick."

Flanagan also credits her energy levels to always having a snack ready. "I munch on a piece of fruit, a banana or apple, or Gatorade G Series Pro Carb Energy Chews; they taste just like gummi worms."

Motivation Mantra
"I'm part of a training group, and it's nice to have accountability to help me get out the door. I've never come back from a run and said 'Gosh, I wish I didn't do that.' As soon as I get out there and commit to it, I always enjoy it. It's just those first few steps that feel like drudgery."