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"I Got My Move Groove Back!"

Busy advertising exec Paula Kroening, 41, had back-burnered exercise for too long -- and it showed. FITNESS fired up her routine again.
Paula after her fitness makeover How Paula Got in Shape

My Goal

For four years my gym membership card hung on my key chain unused. Every time I started the car to drive to my office in Chicago or unlocked the front door when I came home, I felt guilty that the card had not been to the one place it belonged: the check-in desk at my gym. I was at this impasse last winter when I had a business lunch with my boss. After listening to me make self-deprecating comments about my muffin top and watching me pick at the salad I had ordered in an attempt to diet, she encouraged me to reach out to FITNESS for the help I needed to get back on track. After all, I loved working out. I had once been a group exercise instructor, and I had even won a medal in sport aerobics at the national championships in 1998. It took me a few days to send the SOS e-mail, but I was determined to get back in shape or bust.

My Moment of Success

FITNESS teamed me with a personal trainer and a dietitian who took no excuses. After eight weeks of squeezing in workouts at lunch or while my two kids napped, plus eating the right portion sizes, I lost 17 pounds and three inches from my waist. But more important, I rediscovered my inner gym rat. And that membership card on my key chain? It's getting plenty of mileage.

Paula's Progress by the Numbers

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162 lbs 145 lbs
5'4" 5'4"
38" 35"
33" 30"
42" 40"
Body fat
33% 25%