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Nail It: DIY Manicure Tips and Tricks

Lifting weights, playing sports and even gripping the elliptical can be tough on your tips. Our quick secrets will put softer skin and prettier nails in the palms of your hands.
Bold manicure Look Polished Pronto

For the prettiest fingers, follow these on-the-go shortcuts from Jenna Hipp, a celebrity nail stylist in Los Angeles.

—If you have time for only one product, apply extra-virgin coconut oil to damp hands to lock in moisture. The oil contains the same fatty acids as those in skin.
—If your nails are uneven, don't file them, which is time-consuming. Instead, cut them precisely with clippers.
—Apply cuticle oil before your commute. The product will have time to sink in and repair hangnails while you're en route.
—Keep a travel toothbrush in your gym bag. A quick scrub with warm, soapy water will refresh dingy nails. Try whitening toothpaste if yours are yellow.