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The Summer Slim-Down Workout

Lose the belly fat and tone from head to toe with this workout plan that targets your upper arms, abs, butt, and thighs.
Cardio workouts Melt + Trim Cardio

The secret to supersizing the slimming power of this plan? Don't skimp on your usual cardio; whether you walk, kickbox, or do Spinning, stick to it three times a week. Even better, Rilinger says, is to skyrocket your calorie-burn every minute by occasionally turning up your intensity, and she shows you how with a couple of ingenious drills she gives her clients. Or use your tunes to pump up the pace: The move-tivating playlist here alternates songs with steady rhythms and ones with fast beats that nudge your speed.

Cardio Option 1: Just Beat It!

Download this 31-minute high-low intensity playlist, created by Deekron, a DJ and the producer of MotionTraxx.com, to groove and lose.

Warm up
"Feel Inside," Mary J. Blige, featuring Nas (5:07)
"You da One," Rihanna (3:20)
Speed up
"Good Feeling," Flo Rida (4:06)
"Out of My Head," Lupe Fiasco, featuring Trey Songz (3:24)
Speed up
"Part of Me," Katy Perry (3:35)
"Feel So Close" (Radio Edit), Calvin Harris (3:27)
Speed up
"Runaway Baby," Bruno Mars (2:27)
Cool down
"Show Me Everything," Tindersticks (5:29)