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Body of Work: The Top 20 Fitness Icons

Bionic and iconic, these game changers have inspired us over the years to perspire and put our best body forward. Take a cue from our 20 favorite masters of motivation as they share their secrets to getting better, fitter, stronger than ever.
Alice Waters The Activist: Alice Waters

If your idea of a good meal is a piece of locally caught fish and a salad made from the greens grown in your garden or purchased at the local farmers' market, you're a culinary descendant of Alice Waters. The 69-year-old "mother of American cooking" is the founder of the legendary Chez Panisse, in Berkeley, California, and a prime force behind the notion that organic food, grown locally, is the healthiest food for you and your community. Her best advice for eating well? "Find out where your food comes from -- all of it."

In 1996, not content with changing how grown-ups relate to food and cooking, she founded the Edible Schoolyard Project, which teaches kids about gardening and sustainability and even how to cook. "My hope is that soon physical education will be joined by edible education," Waters says.