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"I Dropped Five Dress Sizes!"

Just in time for her big day, FITNESS helped bride-to-be Darcy Wilson, 33, shed 21 pounds and 12 inches.
Darcy after weight loss Darcy's Transformation

My Goal
When I began dating my husband, Craig, three years ago, I started eating just the way he does -- lots of meat and potatoes. The only problem was, he's a foot taller than I am. Naturally, I packed on 10 pounds just like that, and he never gained an ounce. Meanwhile my job in marketing research kept me so busy that I would often forget to eat a real meal until 3 p.m., but by then I'd had three cans of sugary soda and a cupcake. When Craig popped the question, I was overjoyed. But when I was forced to buy my dream wedding dress in a size 16, I went into shock. I tried cardio classes at my gym, but the weight wouldn't budge and I continued to gain. Plus, I had no idea how to use any of the machines! With my wedding a few months away, I vowed I wouldn't walk down the aisle as a size 16 and asked FITNESS for help.

My Moment of Success
Once FITNESS set me up with a nutritionist and trainer, I learned that my body fat was a whopping 38 percent. That scared me into getting serious about my weight. I kept a food diary, cut my portions in half, and hit the gym five times a week. My clothes felt looser pretty quickly, which made it easy to stay on track. After 10 weeks of my new fitness regimen, my tailor hated me because she had to alter my dress to a size 6!

Darcy, by the Numbers

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Weight 143 lb 122 lb
Height 5'2" 5'2"
Chest 39" 36"
Waist 34" 30"
Hips 41" 36"
Body Fat 38% 29%