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12 Get-Healthy Success Stories

Meet FITNESS readers who overcame obstacles in their lives to successfully lose weight and become healthier. Get motivated to become your own success story!
Libby Wilson I Got My Body Back After Having Quadruplets

Libby Wilson, stay-at-home mom, Memphis, Tennessee

Pregnancy Action Plan
"I've always loved exercise. When I got the amazing news that I was pregnant with quadruplets, I vowed to be in the best shape possible for a healthy delivery."

Squeezing In a Workout
"After I had my babies, I started exercising once my doctor said I could. Before the kids wake up or when I can find time in the afternoon, I fit in Bikram yoga, Spinning, running, or strength training."

Mommy and Me
"I want my kids to see that being healthy can be fun. On Saturday mornings I bring my 3-year-old daughter into the kitchen to help make whole wheat pancakes for the family. We toss in ground flaxseed and use applesauce as a substitute for the oil."

Raise a Fit Family
Even the busiest mom has time to work out with these three options.
Push off the pounds. Join fellow moms to power walk and strength-train with your baby in tow. There are 1,300 Stroller Strides locations nationwide; find a class near you at strollerstrides.com.
Chaturanga with your child. Pop in a workout DVD that you can do with your toddler. Our favorite, Ellen Barrett's Happy Baby, Fit Mama! includes cardio, strength, and stretching. ($15, amazon.com)
Log on to shape up. Go to fitmomsfitkidsclub.com to sign a pledge to make wellness a priority. You'll receive a free 21-day meal plan and 12-week exercise regimen for you and your family.