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12 Get-Healthy Success Stories

Meet FITNESS readers who overcame obstacles in their lives to successfully lose weight and become healthier. Get motivated to become your own success story!
Heather Doughty I Shaped Up with P90X

Heather Doughty, 31, dental hygienist, Champaign, Illinois

Postwedding Pounds
"My husband and I both gained weight after we got married. By our four-year anniversary I had put on 40 pounds. I was so bored with my elliptical and strength routine at the gym, and clearly it wasn't working."

Friendly Competition
"When some friends told us about P90X, I wanted to prove that I could handle the challenge. Sometimes I wasn't sure I could finish, especially during jump knee tucks and push-ups -- at first I could manage only three on my knees -- but I was encouraged when I saw myself getting stronger."

Real Results
"After 90 days I had lost 40 pounds and could complete 15 push-ups -- on my toes! My husband and I still do P90X, and I've gone from a size 14 to a 2. Coming home and popping in a fitness DVD has become a part of our routine that we both enjoy."

Stay Motivated
Find your own get-up-and-go with these top tips from Heather.
Schedule it. "My husband and I have designated 6 to 7 p.m. as our daily sweat time. It's an appointment we can't miss, like a work meeting or a dental checkup."
Mix it up. "The variety on the 12 P90X DVDs kept me going. Now I refuse to do the same workout more than once a week."
Celebrate your achievement. "I feel amazing in a bikini. To celebrate, we took a vacation to Florida, where I could show off my confidence and my new shape."