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Rock Your Run: 8 Beginner Running Tips

Stick to your training plans and take on more miles with these tips from readers who've successfully crossed the finish line.
Megan and her fit family Push Through It

"My husband is an elite runner and when we were first dating, I had a weepy moment complaining about my weight," says Megan McGown. "He said, 'Change into your sports bra, we're going running.' That day changed my life. At just five minutes in, I was whining about my legs, my side, everything. He told me to just go one more minute. We ran 20 minutes that day. And so it began. I am now a runner! I learned that it wasn't pain that I was feeling; it was just being out of my comfort zone. That little bit of discomfort was nothing compared to the joy and sense of accomplishment that I felt when I finished my 20 minutes." Since then Megan has run a half-marathon and several 5Ks.