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Easy, Effortless Eye Makeup Tips

Erase lines, dark circles, and puffiness with these ultraeasy secrets. Then say "Eye do" to the latest makeup techniques for a sexy, I-slept-eight-hours look.
Makeup to hide dark circles Hide and Get Rid of Dark Circles

Conceal them: To camouflage raccoon eyes, apply a corrector in a peachy pink first and then follow with your usual cover-up and blend. "The peach tones will cancel out the blue undertones of shadows for a youthful, healthy look," Maulawizada says.

Correct them: Dark circles have many causes, including allergies, irritation, and fatigue. Address those problems and the shadows should disappear. In the meantime, try a cream with kojic acid, a botanical skin lightener that can help spots fade, Dr. Jackson suggests.

Dynamic Duo:
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