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10 Health Benefits of Having Sex

Let's state the obvious: Having sex is fun. But what might be less obvious is that it's also good for you -- mentally and physically. While it's something of a chicken or egg situation to determine the direction of causality -- "Do healthier people tend to have more sex or people who have more sex tend to be healthier?" says Jennifer Bass, head of information services for the Kingsley Institute, there are some studies that link better loving with better living. Read on for the perks for getting busy.
couple in bed It's Time to Start Sexercising

While sex will never equal a kickboxing class or a session of strength training, the fact that you're getting some sort of a muscular workout is undeniable. The human body has over 600 muscles and during sex, "we're releasing and contracting all the muscles within the body," says Patti Britton, PhD, author of The Art of Sex Coaching and past president of the American Association for Sexuality Educators. Arms, butt, legs, core muscles -- they're all getting used. And while some positions have better toning payoffs than others, as long as you're putting some effort into it you'll be burning calories from start to (ahem) finish.