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Hair Repair: How to Get Strong, Shiny Hair

If a ponytail has become your solution to the winter-hair blahs, you've come to the right place. Take our simple tests to find out if your strands are damaged and learn the tricks for getting your glossiest, bounciest hair ever.
Woman with thick, wavy hair Mane Mission: Volume

According to Matrix hair care, 42 percent of women say their hair lacks fullness. Common body snatchers include hormonal changes (such as those that occur with pregnancy), a chilly climate (winter air can leave hair limp), and age (hair's density peaks in your teens).

Tress test: Flip your head down and fluff your roots with your fingers. If your hair falls flat when you flip your head back, here's how to bodybuild.

Shampoo daily. "Clean hair has more volume," Cunnane Phillips says. Zap buildup with a gentle cleanser made for fine strands.

Condition correctly. To find a product that moisturizes without making hair too soft, dab a little on your finger. "The best formulas for fine hair feel almost tacky," says Hawkins, who suggests Aveda Pure Abundance Volumizing Clay Conditioner ($15, aveda.com).

Plump up all over. "Don't settle for volume only at your crown," Hawkins says. Squirt a generous amount of mousse (think golf ball size) in your hands, flip your hair over, and distribute the product evenly from roots to ends.