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Turn On Power: Workouts to Power Up Your Muscles

You do your time on the treadmill, hoist some weights, and maybe even throw in yoga for good measure. But your regimen probably lacks one key element: power. Besides torching extra stored fat and quickly sculpting your muscles, power moves give you a mental edge­ -- in and out of the gym. So we tapped six of the top trainers in the biz for their surefire tips for squeezing that extra octane from your muscles and workouts. They will change the way you train forever.
Joe Dowdell Joe Dowdell's Head-to-Toe Routine

No matter what your level, you can add power moves into your routine with this quick total-body circuit from Joe Dowdell, co-owner of Peak Performance. You'll just need a weighted ball (heavy enough to make 10 reps of the moves challenging) and a sturdy step -- and, for more advanced exercisers, a solid gym wall. Or try his anyone-can-do-it interval workout. Walk, bike, run, skate -- choose whatever cardio you like!

Upper Body
Medicine ball chest pass

Medicine ball rotation throw

Lower Body
Plyo jump

Quick Cardio Burner