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Improve Your Sweatitude: 9 Motivation Rut Busters

No more wimping out on your workouts. Here's how to lose the excuses, make over your motivation, and finally score the body you want.
Woman stepping on the ground "I'm too far from my goal, so why start?"

Rut Buster: How about this for an incentive: Just by walking a little more every day, you can shrink your waist in 12 weeks. When formerly sedentary women consistently tallied a weekly average of 470 steps more a day -- that's about a five-minute walk -- than they had the week before, they lost a quarter inch from their waistlines without dieting. Whether you have a lot of weight to shed or a certain distance to run, break up your goal into smaller units, suggests trainer Tracey Mallett, creator of the Lose the Belly Flab DVD. Little victories, like dropping a pound a week or running an extra minute without stopping, will fuel your momentum.