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7 Rookie Workout Mistakes to Avoid

Scared to try a new activity? Don't be. Our fixes for common rookie mistakes will help you roll with the punches and look like a pro from the get-go.
woman running a half-marathon Running

Rookie mistake: Too much treadmill training

What the pros know: No matter how crazy your work schedule or how nasty the weather, try not to log all your miles at the gym. "Running outside is more challenging because you have to propel yourself forward. Plus, it's a good idea to mentally and physically prepare yourself for a race," says Jenny Hadfield, a running coach in Chicago and coauthor of Running for Mortals. Signing up for your first 5K? Find out if the course is hilly or flat, winding or straight, and do at least a workout or two on this type of terrain each week. If possible, run the actual course.