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The Best Fitness Tools for Your Home Gym

Yes, you can get slim without the gym. Here, the top tips and tools you need to tighten and tone right at home no matter your budget.
Home gym equipment under $100 Home Gym Equipment for Less Than $500

1. Thigh Roller
This space-saving NordicTrack 3-in-1 Foam Roll combines two rollers and a massage stick, each great for working different muscle knots. ($30, including an instructional DVD, sears.com)

TIP: "After every run, lie on top of the foam roller on your hip and slide up and down it along your leg," trainer Jackie Warner says. "Do this for two or three minutes on each side to target your IT band and help prevent knee pain."

2. Winner's Circle
Shore up your core with the Xerball rubber medicine ball. Its easy-grip surface and solid bounce help you perform all kinds of sports-inspired moves. ($45 for an 8-pound ball, available in other sizes, spri.com)

3. Floor Bored
Try your planks, squats, and other moves on this EVA foam VersaBalance Pad to build your balance and net extra core toning with every rep. ($43, power-systems.com)

4. Well Armed
Jillian Michaels' Ultimate Dumbbell Power Set, which includes a pair of 3-, 5-, and 8-pound weights, is incredibly user friendly: We love the ergonomic neoprene grip and easy-to-stash storage tray. ($34, walmart.com)

TIP: "When working with dumbbells, my rule is if you can do more than eight, add more weight," trainer Jay Blahnik says.

5. Spin Doctor
Why spring for a stationary bike? Hitch your road or mountain bike on the Travel Trac Fluid Trainer; it's sturdy, so you won't wobble as you pedal and move between levels of resistance via a handlebar-mounted shift lever. Fold it up for easy storage. ($150, performancebike.com)

TIP: Add speed bursts to burn big calories on your bike, Dowdell says. Do a three-minute warm-up, then 30 seconds at an all-out sprint, followed by 60 seconds of recovery at an easy pace. Repeat the cycle nine times and then end with a three-minute cool-down.

6. Ready for Liftoff
The TRX Suspension Training Pro Pack is every trainer's current It tool: Slip your hands or feet into the stirrups to do more than 300 different strength, cardio, and stretching exercises. ($190, including a workout guide and a DVD, trxtraining.com)