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Get a Wow Body Now: Heather Morris' Dance and Martial Arts Workout

Glee's Heather Morris' favorite dance and martial arts-inspired exercises to get a dancer's physique.
Glee Get a Wow Body Now Workout

Glee's Heather Morris came to FITNESS to fulfill her biggest workout wish: "I want to kick some ass!" She became an insta-fan of this fat-melting mash of martial arts and sculpting dance moves at first strike. "You will firm every inch of your body and fry calories like never before," says Ary Nunez, owner of Venia East studio in New York City, who created the signature dance-ninja mix that's getting major buzz among the fitterati, including A-list client and devotee Rihanna. "The body and energy boost you get are so incredible, you won't go back to plain old squats," Nunez adds. She cherry-picked the most flab-fighting firmers from her new Nike Training Club exercise app (free at iTunes) plus other favorites to design a total-body circuit that's as fun as it is transforming. Make it your go-to workout three times a week to slim down as you shape a sexy dancer's physique.