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The Beach Body Boot Camp Workout, Part 2

Itsy-bitsy two-piece? Bring it! This supersimple, superfast exercise and diet plan will help you firm up, pare down, and tone all over. Dive into month two of the program. Your hottest summer begins here!
Beach Body Cardio Cardio

Your goal: Do at least three cardio workouts a week. (It's a key to dropping 10 pounds this month if you're trimming back to 1,500 calories a day.) Enjoy your favorite sweaty classes and outdoor fun -- they count! -- and mix things up for maximum melting with these interval routines from Harari. "You'll be working your muscles in a different way to burn tons of calories and prevent boredom," says the trainer, who made each fresh session easy to remember. Walk, run, hike, bike or hit the cardio machines; you choose how to lose.

Free Move-It Tunes
Get a free podcast of these cardio sessions from Motion Traxx! You'll hear audio cues to pick up the pace that are matched to beat-specific music. The only thing you need to do is lace up!