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Healthy Warm-Weather Workout Guide

Don't let these 12 bummers sabotage your spring or summer fitness plans.
woman holding kayak Yeast

Wet swimsuits, kayaks, sweaty gym shorts? They can irritate your vagina, says Melissa M. Goist, M.D., assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology at The Ohio State University Medical Center. "The vulva likes to be dry," she says. Prolonged moisture and heat—from hanging around in a wet swimsuit or gym shorts, or sitting in a water-logged kayak for hours—can disrupt the vagina's delicate pH balance, tipping the scales in favor of bad guys like yeast and other bacteria and resulting in irritation, itching, discharge, or odor. Swimmers, if it's not hot enough for the sun to dry you off quickly, change out of your bathing suit and into clean cotton undies. Just got back from a bike ride or rollerblading session? Wash up in the shower (no soap necessary) and pat dry.