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Top 10 Workout DVDs of 2011

We asked more than 80 women like you to do the legwork (arms, abs, and butt work too!) on the latest releases. Here are the titles that will take your at-home routine to the next level.
Best Dancefest

Dance with Julianne: Just Dance!($15, collagevideo.com)

What you'll need: nothing

Calories burned:* 291 per 45-minute routine

Why we love it: Instructor Julianne Hough of Dancing with the Stars fame has experience with newbies, and it shows, testers say. The club-ready routines are "easy enough to follow for those who are a little less coordinated. You do a combo two or three times, then add on." Hough offers a "helpful" seven-minute dance-lesson segment that teaches the steps before stringing them together. Expect plenty of hip swiveling, spins and kicks, and even a Tina Turner-esque fast-feet move for a moderate cardio workout in each 12-minute combination. "It's amazing how simple moves put together look so good," our testers marvel. Fringe benefit: "You can really work your abs."