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Make the Most of the Weight Machines at Your Gym

This simple what-to-hit, what-to-skip weight routine takes the guesswork out of getting a sexy, sculpted physique at the gym. Consider this your guide to the best machines in the weight room.
Assisted Chin-Up Machine Assisted Chin-Up Machine

Targets: Upper back, shoulders (rear), and biceps

Why it's key: "Lifting your body weight is preferable to the lat pull-down machine, because it requires accessory muscles for balance and body control," Porcari says. In addition, rowing machines, which also target these muscles, can be tougher on your lower back, and not in a good way.

How to use it: The wider the grip, the more you'll work the top portion of your upper-back muscles (lats); a close grip will hit more of the lower fibers, near the bra band.