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Make the Most of the Weight Machines at Your Gym

This simple what-to-hit, what-to-skip weight routine takes the guesswork out of getting a sexy, sculpted physique at the gym. Consider this your guide to the best machines in the weight room.
woman at the gym Lean Machines

If you're not a big fan of heavy metal, our guide will make you one. We asked top sculpting pros to design a circuit that maximizes the use of weight machines commonly found at the gym so you finally get the firm-all-over look you've been repping for. Hit the weights in the order indicated -- upper body first, focusing on large muscles before small, and ending with abs -- as a rule of thumb. Or to boost calorie burn, try alternating upper-body and lower-body moves.

Start with two sets of 12 reps for each exercise, picking a weight that makes the last two reps feel tough. Rest about a minute between sets, just long enough to admire your new va-va-voom in the mirror.

Let's Get Personal

Have this workout tailored to your individual fitness level. Choose the Lean Machines program on our Fitness Personal Trainer tool and the virtual trainer will progress the weights and reps as you get fitter; plus you'll get a free companion diet plan with a calorie-counting food diary.