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Pretty Simple: 7 Quick Beauty Makeovers

A few tweaks to your routine can solve major skin, hair, and makeup bummers. Steal the quick tricks our pros gave these readers!
Simone before makeover Fake Fuller Hair

Simone Byrd, 22, Astoria, New York

"My hair is superthin, and I have trouble finding styles, cuts, and treatments that make it look thicker," says Simone, a marketing student, who loves running and lifting weights. "I want to give my flat strands more volume."

Simone after makeover

"So long, flatness! I love my full, swingy new style."

Fast Fixes

Start fresh. Snipping hair into soft layers, like Schlenger did with Simone's, always adds lift. "Hair that's all one length goes flat quickly," she says. "Shorter strands on top are easier to elevate for longer-lasting height."

Bounce back. To quickly plump your roots, blow-dry them in sections, pulling hair up and away from your head. "Stretching these pieces adds body," Schlenger says.

Bulk up. Schlenger sprayed hair powder on Simone's roots to "instantly thicken her style." We like Bumble and Bumble Hair Powder in Brown ($35, bumbleandbumble.com for salons).