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Winter-Proof Your Hair

Don't let winter stress out your tresses. We've got easy style solutions and proven products to take your hair from blah to brrrilliant even in dry conditions.
woman wearing winter hat Shampoo Smarter

You don't head out for a run in January wearing shorts and a tank. You shouldn't rely on warm-weather standbys for hair, either. Dry conditions call for a gentler shampoo. "Look for kinds that are packed with oil or a humectant, like panthenol; these often contain milder ingredients that won't strip strands," says Ni'Kita Wilson, a cosmetic chemist in Fairfield, New Jersey. Massage shampoo into your scalp and roots only where hair is dirtiest, then rinse it through the rest of your strands to clean them (don't rub!). This helps protect the lower, more fragile part of hair.