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8 Easy Ways to Burn Off Those Halloween Treats

So what if you sneak a few mini candy bars from your trick-or-treaters' stash or grab a handful of M&Ms when you pass the office Halloween bowl? You can burn 'em off in no time with these strategies.
Woman in pumpkin patch Burn it off this way: Visit the pumpkin patch

The cure for too many M&Ms? Get those arms working by picking pumpkins or apples. Kara Smith, M.S., special programs coordinator for Loyola Center for Fitness at Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood, Illinois, suggests hoisting pumpkins as you pick. "Hold the pumpkin at your chest and do a squat. Then touch the pumpkin to the ground. As you come up, lift the pumpkin overhead," she says. "You're exercising your core, your shoulders, and your leg muscles." Do three sets of 12-15 repetitions—about five minutes worth—and you'll burn off 17 calories. Pick apples in an orchard for about an hour—and the M&M calories are history.