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I Did It! 18 Weight-Loss Success Stories

Meet FITNESS readers who lost weight and changed their lives. Get motivated and inspired so you can be a success story too!
Amy James Before Strength Workouts Have Changed My Body

Amy James, business owner, Bakersfield, California
LOST: 58 pounds in eight months
FAVORITE HEALTHY SNACK: For an extra burst of flavor with minimal calories, I add blueberries to everything -- yogurt, oatmeal, and cereal. I also make my own salsa. It's great on wheat crackers or with string cheese.

Amy James After

FAVORITE WORKOUT: Strength training has really sculpted and toned my body. My favorite moves are lunges and biceps curls with 15-pound weights.
FIT TIP: Step on the scale regularly. Checking in once a week after you've hit your goal weight will keep you on track, and you can tweak your routine if the numbers start creeping up.