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I Did It! 18 Weight-Loss Success Stories

Meet FITNESS readers who lost weight and changed their lives. Get motivated and inspired so you can be a success story too!
Keri LaPorte Before I Became a Runner

Keri LaPorte, business owner, Trinidad, Colorado
LOST: 135 pounds in 16 months
FAVORITE HEALTHY SNACK: I cook at home now instead of relying on prepackaged food. If I want a quick bite, I reach for an apple with peanut butter.

Keri LaPorte After

FAVORITE WORKOUT: I am passionate about running. When I'm not training for a 5k or half-marathon, I run 30 to 45 minutes four or five times a week.
FIT TIP: Have a goal in mind. When I started running, I couldn't go more than 100 feet. I wanted to complete a 1.5-mile loop around my neighborhood. I kept at it, adding distance each time I ran. Eventually, I did it!