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I Did It! 18 Weight-Loss Success Stories

Meet FITNESS readers who lost weight and changed their lives. Get motivated and inspired so you can be a success story too!
Delilah Burke Before I Squeeze In a 20-Minute Workout

Delilah Burke, office manager, New York City
LOST: 35 pounds in one year
FAVORITE HEALTHY SNACK: I always feel like munching at night, so I steam edamame or air-pop popcorn, drizzle it with a little olive oil, and add a bit of sea salt.

Delilah Burke After

FAVORITE WORKOUT: Walking in Prospect Park in Brooklyn for a few hours every weekend. When I was laid off, it helped me clear my head and start getting back in shape for free.
FIT TIP: When you don't feel like exercising, make yourself do it for just 20 minutes. It goes by so quickly that once you're finished, you'll most likely want to keep going. If not, at least you've squeezed in a workout that day.