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I Did It! 18 Weight-Loss Success Stories

Meet FITNESS readers who lost weight and changed their lives. Get motivated and inspired so you can be a success story too!
Frannie Foltz Before New Activities Keep Me Fit

Frannie Foltz, teacher, Cleveland
LOST: 100 pounds in two years
FAVORITE HEALTHY SNACK: I curb hunger by eating a lot more protein than I used to -- hummus on Wasa crackers, cottage cheese with fruit, or string cheese with a slice of turkey.

Frannie Foltz After

FAVORITE WORKOUT: Exercising on the Pilates Reformer machine helps keep me in shape. I also like trying new activities, whether it's ballroom dancing or rock climbing. It's fun, and I'm burning calories!
FIT TIP: Never give up just because you overate or didn't ace a workout. If you make a mistake, you can always correct it and try again.