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Pretty Sexy: Get a Sophisticated, Sexy Look

Mary Harvey, 38, lost 107 pounds and wanted the world to know it, but she often revealed too much. FITNESS taught her how to show off her shape without being overexposed.
Mary Harvey  before makeover Sexy, Not Skimpy

Before her dramatic weight loss, Mary felt like a prisoner to her figure. "The clothes in my size [18 to 22] were so unflattering," she says. So when she shed the pounds, Mary went on a shopping spree, buying belly-baring tops and supershort skirts. "I might be wearing things that are too low cut and too tight," she told us. "I probably need to dress a little more my age."

The fix: Focus on one body part at a time for a sexy and polished look. "I'm learning that color can be hot and that a little bit of skin goes a long way," Mary says. "I love the new me!"