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Flex Time: Stretching Guide to Loose and Limber Muscles

Follow our quick stretching guide to test your tight spots and loosen up your knots.
Hip flexibility test Hips

When your thighs and hip flexors -- the muscles that help lift up the legs -- are tight, they may prevent you from lowering fully as you squat down.

The Test
Stand with feet hip-width apart, left hand holding the back of a chair for balance. Bend right knee 90 degrees up to hip height, then bring it out to right side. Switch legs and repeat to determine score for left hip.

Good (3 points): Thigh is parallel to floor; knee is directly out to the side.
Fair (2 points): Thigh is parallel; knee is slightly in front of body.
Poor (1 point): Thigh is lower than parallel; knee is slightly in front of body.

Low Lunge stretch Stretch It Out: Low Lunge

From downward dog, step right foot forward between hands. Lower left knee to floor and press hips forward while lifting torso up as you extend arms overhead. Hold for 8 to 10 breaths. Place palms back on floor on either side of right foot and step back into downward dog. Switch legs and repeat. Do 3 to 5 reps per leg.