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The Booty-Camp Workout: Toning Exercises for Your Butt, Legs, and Thighs

Fight flab from your abs down to your calves with these proven lower-body toners.
Booty Camp How the Workout Works

Just slim and bare it! Get miniskirt-ready fast with our last-minute lower-body rescue routine. "The secret is the right mix of targeted exercises," says trainer Rich Barretta, who perfected this supersculpting circuit working with swimsuit-model clients at his private training studio in New York City. "When you can't stand another rep, you'll switch to the next move, which works your lower half from another angle." Grab a set of 3- to 5-pound dumbbells, a step (optional), and a towel and do the circuit in order two to three times through twice a week (on nonconsecutive days). Minis, you've met your match.