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Pre-Race Warm-Up Drills and Stretches

Take a cue from the pros and don't go into your race cold. "Do this warm-up before the gun goes off to help freshen your legs," says Andrew Kastor, founder and coach of High Sierra Striders running club in Mammoth Lakes, California. It's a smart start to any run; also try it once or twice a week as you train.
Hamstring Stretch What to Do 45 to 55 Minutes Pre-Race

Jog slowly for about 15 minutes and then perform Kastor's favorite active isolated stretches in the following order.

Hamstring Stretch
Lie faceup on ground with left knee bent and left foot flat, right leg extended. Loop yoga strap or towel around sole of right foot and hold one end of strap in each hand. (If you're empty-handed on race day, simply grasp back of right thigh.) Keeping resistance in strap, gently lift leg as high as you can. Once you reach top of stretch, increase tension on strap slightly and pull leg a little bit higher; lower. Do 10 reps without pausing; switch sides, repeat.